German technology
for a durable pool.

German technology for a durable pool.

BADU products use innovative, state-of-the-art German technology to provide energy-efficient, durable, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for public and private swimming pools.

BADU products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and are only available through professional dealers.

Piscina & Jardín is committed to offering the best solutions for the care and maintenance of your swimming pool, which has led us to become authorised BADU dealers throughout Mallorca.

Innovative and useful technology

A brand that cares about the environment

BADU, a premium brand devoted to using high-quality, long-lasting materials and their subsequent recycling, is founded on the premise of environmental protection and energy efficiency. BADU products also ensure maximum safety by isolating electrical components from contact with pool water.

Within the Speck product range, the BADU series stands out. Speck is a renowned manufacturer of swimming pool pumps that has established its position in the market by offering the highest quality and reliability.

BADU's commitment to environmental protection has resulted in the design of the BADU Green product line, which consists of variable speed water circulation pumps that prioritise energy efficiency and care for natural resources. In addition, BADU Eco Check is a free software accessible on Google Play and the App Store that allows you to calculate the annual consumption of your pool pump and determine the energy savings provided by BADU Green compared to competing equipment.
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Energy-efficient variable speed pool pumps

BADU's energy-saving variable speed pumps keep the water of your swimming pool always clean while ensuring optimum performance and respecting the environment.
BADU Prime Eco VS
It's a variable-speed self-priming circulation pump suitable for spas and public and private swimming pools. This pump has a built-in IE3 premium-efficiency permanent magnet motor, which results in lower energy consumption.
BADU Eco Touch-Pro II
Pool pumps in BADU's Speck line include the BADU Eco Touch-Pro II, with a permanent magnet motor that sets new standards in water quality, CO2 emission control, and energy consumption.

Filtration pumps for swimming pools

BADU uses German technology to offer low-noise operation filter motors that are efficient in saltwater pools and consume less power.
BADU Prime
The BADU Prime range consists of self-priming pumps made of polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer highly resistant to pool water corrosion that withstands temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius.
This self-priming Speck pump, designed to optimise pool water circulation, stands out for its high efficiency, reliability, and durability.
BADU Profi
BADU Profi pool pumps are the best option for clients searching for an innovative hydraulic system with high performance and low noise levels.

Countercurrent swimming systems

Countercurrent swimming systems allow you to swim without being limited by the length of your pool and are perfect for anyone looking to do a swimming workout at home.
BADU Jet Primavera
The BADU Jet Primavera countercurrent swimming system fits any newly built swimming pool. It generates a powerful water current with adjustable resistance, ideal for upstream swimming, endurance training, fitness workouts and soothing bubble massages.
BADU Jet Turbo Pro
The BADU Jet Turbo Pro countercurrent swimming system generates a smooth, even flow that provides a pleasant, natural swimming experience and promotes relaxation, thanks to its revolutionary propeller propulsion technology.
German technology for a sustainable pool