Top-quality stainless steel products

Top-quality stainless steel products

We believe that your pool deserves nothing less than the best! As a result, Piscina & Jardín is the sole and exclusive distributor of Flexinox products in the Balearics. Flexinox is a brand that specialises in the manufacture of stainless steel pool accessories with extended durability due to their high-quality electro-polished surface, which ensures long-lasting resistance to rust and corrosion.

Flexinox has a wide range of stainless steel accessories for swimming pools and spas, including pool ladders, showers, fountains, handrails, waterfalls and water cannons.
• Electro-polished finish of the highest quality
• Pool accessories made of stainless steel
• The ultimate combination of design and technology

Exclusive distributors of
Flexinox in the Balearics



Flexinox has an extensive catalogue of pool ladders with a glossy polished surface and different types of steps attached to the handrail with hidden screws with a clear objective: to give these pool accessories a classy touch without sacrificing style.

The range of pool ladders with an electro-polished finish also stands out, making them the ideal alternative when salt chlorinators are in use due to their superior corrosion resistance.


Flexinox pool showers are made of AISI-304L and AISI-316L stainless steel, notable for their excellent quality and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Flexinox's diverse choice of models with a glossy finish meets the needs of all clients and allows them to enjoy the swimming season like never before.


Stainless steel fountains are ideal for decorating your pool and relaxing to the soothing sound of running water.

Piscina & Jardín works with Flexinox to provide pool owners with a varied selection of ornamental fountains that create fashionable water curtains and add a sense of individuality and exclusivity to your swimming pool


Offering maximum safety to our clients is Piscina & Jardín's main priority! For this reason, we choose Flexinox pool handrails because of their robust and ergonomic design, which makes swimming pools accessible to everyone.

Flexinox handrails are made of AISI-316L stainless steel and are essential pool accessories since they allow for a comfortable and safe entrance and exit from the bathing area.


Waterfalls are a must-have feature in every luxurious swimming pool! Flexinox offers a variety of electro-polished waterfalls suitable for all sorts of pools.

Providing harmony, tranquillity, and serenity, they are an essential pool accessory for everyone looking to improve their comfort and well-being during the swimming season.

Water cannons

Flexinox manufactures stainless steel pool water cannons that provide pressurised water jets for a soothing and delightful hydromassage effect.

The installation of a swimming pool water cannon is undoubtedly the ideal option to enjoy greater tranquillity and relaxation while bathing.
High-quality stainless steel pool accessories