Sustainability, automation
and luxury equipment for your pool 

Sustainability, automation and luxury equipment for your pool

Eco Smart Pool
The Piscina & Jardín team works tirelessly to satisfy the demands and expectations of our most discerning clients! With this goal in mind, we have designed Smart Eco Pool System: an exceptional, first-class swimming pool that combines sustainability, automation and cutting-edge technology for year-round bathing pleasure.

With the firm intention of creating a superior swimming pool, we have chosen highly reputable brands that allow us to reduce energy consumption, save water, minimise cleaning and maintenance and provide our clients with a rewarding swimming experience.

As a result, Smart Eco Pool System is the ideal solution for those seeking excellence and wishing to convert their swimming pool into a haven of relaxation, pleasure and well-being.

A first - class, intelligent, and sustainable swimming pool

1. Peak performance all year round

Smart Eco Pool System is a swimming pool designed to ensure optimum water quality in all weather conditions without additional costs or servicing. Smart Eco Pool System has the most modern equipment on the market to significantly reduce water waste and the use of chemicals required for cleaning and general pool upkeep.

As a result, Smart Eco Pool System keeps the water clean and disinfected all year round without the need for regular water changes. For this reason, your Smart Eco Pool System does not require chemical shock treatments due to dirt and bacteria build-up.

Smart Eco Pool System includes the following features to ensure consistent maximum performance: an automatic pool cover to extend the swimming season, full-inverter heat pumps to keep the pool water at a constant temperature, variable-speed filter pumps to prevent machinery deterioration due to long periods of inactivity, plus a modern counter-current swimming system from the prestigious German company BADU SPECK. 


Automatic pool cover
To keep the pool clean, add extra safety, reduce water evaporation, and extend the swimming season by maintaining the appropriate water temperature.
Full-inverter pool heat pump
At Piscina & Jardín, we are committed to installing heat pumps that operate all year to keep the water at a consistent temperature in winter and summer. The latest generation full-inverter technology reduces energy costs as the system adjusts the revolutions to the heating demand, resulting in lower energy consumption.
Variable-speed pool filter pumps
Using variable-speed filter pumps regularly prevents wear and strain on machinery caused by lengthy periods of inactivity and ensures low power usage at all times.
Counter-current swimming system
When building a new pool, consider installing the BADU Jet Pro counter-current swimming unit, which allows you to swim against the current and get the most out of your swimming pool by practising sport at any time of year. BADU Jet Pro's revolutionary propeller propulsion technology generates a smooth, uniform current for comfortable, natural swimming.

2. Safe and healthy bathing pleasure

One of the primary objectives of Smart Eco Pool System is to provide healthy bathing pleasure! As a result, at Piscina & Jardín, we exclusively work with the top brands on the market which feature an automatic dosing system that accurately balances the chlorine, pH, and flocculation of the water of your swimming pool.

We rely on the latest German technology for healthy bathing! We combine the performance of PoolManager® PRO, an automatic chlorine and pH controller, with the advantages of Bayrol Technik's Salt Relax® Power and Salt Relax® PRO, which treat water with state-of-the-art electrolysis, requiring a very low salinity to operate (from 1.5 g/l). These advanced systems regulate pH and disinfectant and optimise chlorine dosing automatically and precisely to ensure optimum water quality, keeping it free of bacteria and dirt particles.

Bayrol Technik's latest-generation technology also prevents the pool filter from becoming excessively dirty, resulting in less cleaning, less water consumption, and less pool maintenance. In addition, Bayrol Technik features the industry's best chlorine and pH regulating system.

To ensure that our clients enjoy a healthy swimming experience, we have chosen to equip Smart Eco Pool System with a Maytronics robotic pool cleaner to avoid dirt build-up, brush the floors and walls of the swimming pool, and keep it clean and tidy.


· PoolManager® PRO - Bayrol Technik
· Salt Relax® PRO - Bayrol Technik
· Salt Relax® Power - Bayrol Technik
· Robotic pool cleaner – Maytronics

3. A haven of well-being

Piscina & Jardín is an authorised distributor of Flexinox, the leading brand in top-quality stainless steel pool accessories. With Flexinox, you can transform your Smart Eco Pool System into a haven of peace, harmony and relaxation by adding fountains, waterfalls, showers, water cannons and other high-end accessories for an exceptional bathing experience.

Our desire to design the perfect swimming pool also leads us to look for the most appropriate accessories to access it. We rely on Flexinox pool ladders, made of the finest quality AISI 316 stainless steel and electropolished to prevent corrosion in salt-treated pools.

To transform your Smart Eco Pool System into a true haven of well-being, the Piscina & Jardín team recommends combining Flexinox's exclusive and elegant pool accessories with a hydro-massage system that fits into the swimming pool and provides total relaxation without the need for a separate spa and wellness area.


· Pool water fountains - Flexinox
· Pool water curtains and waterfalls - Flexinox
· Pool water cannons - Flexinox
· Pool showers - Flexinox
· Pool ladders - Flexinox
· Pool railings - Flexinox
· Hydro-massage area (optional)

4. Sustainability and energy efficiency

In our pursuit of eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, Smart Eco Pool System features BADU Green's high-efficiency circulation pumps with variable motor speeds, which stand out for their energy efficiency, savings on electricity, and respect for the environment.

Piscina & Jardín also relies on Calplas high-performance filters. The AFM and HFS series, in particular, are designed to keep the water in your swimming pool clean, healthy, and free of germs and toxins.

Dryden Aqua's AFM® activated media, a highly engineered product that doubles the performance of sand filters, deserves special mention. AFM® is a state-of-the-art ionised filter media that offers the highest performance on the market with the ability to absorb bacteria and tiny particles, limit chlorine consumption and keep the pool water crystal clear.

Furthermore, our emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation has led us to seek the ideal minimalist lighting. To that aim, we've turned to LEDs, which provide appealing, low-energy lighting and allow for colour variations, providing our clients with a unique and visually pleasing experience. 


· Variable-speed circulation pump - Badu Green
· AFM Series filter – Calplas
· AFM® Activated Filter Media - Dryden Aqua
· Besgo automatic valves – Calplas
· LED lighting - Spectravision Adagio 
Control your Smart Eco Pool System conveniently from your smartphone 
With the app, you can control the pool lights, adjust the water temperature and know the exact pH and chlorine levels from your mobile device. You can also receive alerts in case of emergency, keep track of the pool's filtration schedule and even monitor the illumination and watering of your garden.